The only static life is a dead one. Things change over time. This is an inevitable part of living. At the beginning of each year, we all step back and take a look at where we are and what we want to accomplish with this fresh new start.

This year I will be asking some very simple questions before I take on any additional expenditure of my time and financial resources. (Yes, time is a resource.)

What is it I want to accomplish most this year?

Will doing this or buying this help me achieve my primary goals?

Is this expenditure I can do without or do with fewer resources?

To this end, I am transitioning my author website from a paid site to this free site on I am also consolidating some e-mails and accounts to expedite checking in on things.

People will still be able to find me if they want to. I’ll continue to post to a blog here and have other on-line activities to connect with readers so look for me here as I transition to WordPress throughout January.