Once upon a time, I was a state food inspector. We investigated automatic checkout system scanning error complaints. Much has changed about Michigan’s Item Pricing law, but one thing remains the same and that is if you get overcharged you are still entitled to receive the amount you were overcharged plus ten times the difference. (You won’t get rich because the law limits payout to not less than $1.00 or more than $5.00).  To get the statutory bonus, you will need to: request it within 30 days and 1. the error has to have been done cashier-1791106_1280by a scanner checkout system 2. you have to have actually paid for the item; and 3. you have to have the receipt indicating the item purchased and the price charged for it. The store can resolve the dispute by refunding you the overcharge plus ten times the difference—remember that can’t exceed $5. If  they don’t, you can sue for $250 or the damages (whichever is higher.) It is relatively easy to bring a suit in small claims court, which I did once when a company was nasty to me about refunding my money on an ink cartridge I was overcharged on.

Even though I’m not a food inspector anymore, I still watch the checkout scanner for errors. Complaints regarding a scanner error overcharge by a store should be directed to the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Weights & Measures Section in the E.C. Heffron Laboratory, by calling 517-655-8202. That give me an idea. Maybe I should have Yarn Genie Imogene get a job as a mystery shopper in one of my next novels.