After having rece10968495_10152997588055280_6478921887433674132_nived a cancer diagnosis in 2014, I rushed my first novel, “Knitting Up a Murder,” to print. While my book wasn’t the absolute best I could do, I don’t regret this decision. Working towards the publication finish line gave me a goal to get me through all the tiring days of radiation–all six weeks of daily treatments.

Now, three years and two books later, I’ve rewritten the story to improve upon the reading experience. As I carefully look over the publishing house proof for errors and make corrections, I realize that I love the story of the yarn genie, Imogene, even more. Now, the novel reads like she’s telling the story of her life being turned upside down to a friend. And that is what she has become, a friend. I hope the readers will find this to be true for them as well when the second edition of “Knitting Up a Murder” comes out in April. “Hooked Into Murder” is already slated for a new cover and design look in May and “Murder at Yarn Mansion” will be released later this year. Life is Good.