DSCN7978.JPGThe wind was blowing so unbelievably hard here in Michigan yesterday that I didn’t want to step outside. Unfortunately, having a dog didn’t allow me that option, so I donned my coat with the hood and braved the outdoors, thankful that my girth would keep me from flying away in the windstorm. Once back inside, I could listen to the wind howl, as I finished up the last of the edits on the second edition of “Knitting Up a Murder.

I know a lot of people review their book proofs on-line, and I do that for the first few read throughs. After that, I want a printed copy so I can see how it looks and read it like a book. That seems to be the best way for me to find the “hidden” errors. And there were an unbelievable amount of them because I was switching from present tense to past tense. But those are all fixed now, and the book is on its way to the publisher.