My life is too busy lately to branch out into multiple publishing platforms, so I’m sticking with Amazon for now. Since I’m sticking with them I’ve decided to sign up for Kindle Select. Amazon has announced that the KDP Select Global Fund for April is $17.8 million. In the past, I’ve garnered about $.80 per book from the fund (based on the number of pages read.) There are a lot of authors who won’t join Kindle Select because they don’t get paid the full royalties they would get in other venues. I understand those authors’ concerns, however, when you are just starting out, Kindle Select is another venue to add to the royalty pot and there is an additional added benefit. Your books are getting read and hopefully reviewed. And if your books are getting read enough, you could end up being a “KDP Select All-Star” for the most-read titles or most-read author. Amazon gives a special bonus to their All-Stars.

That’s my goal, to be a Kindle Unlimited All-Star author someday.